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Our history

Iotex International BV is an international trading company founded in 2002 based in the Netherlands. The main business of Iotex BV was from the beginning wholesale, import and export of all kinds of fabrics and textiles.


Since 2013 we have expanded our business with disposable diapers, pull-ups (pants) and pads; both baby and adult types. We can supply our customers first choice (original packaging) and second choice (bales) diapers from renowned European brands. In addition, we¬†can offer private labels that offer excellent price-quality ratio that suits¬†customer’s needs. Currently we have customers from Africa, Middle East, Asia and South-America.

As an international company we operate on a global scale. We are specialized in trading disposable diapers, non woven spunlace rolls and all kinds of textile fabrics. With 2 decades of experience, we have built up an extensive worldwide network of suppliers and customers. Our goal is to establish long-term business relationships to develop our position in international competition

Why us?

  • Excellent quality standards

  • High customer focus, customized solutions

  • Competitive pricing

  • Capability to meet immediate requirements

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